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Travelling has become an integral part of our lives in today's fast-paced society, not only for pleasure but also for work and study. Inbest is Your Ultimate Guide to the Leading Travel Insurance Company in Kolkata. Unexpected circumstances may derail our plans and ambitions, and they can even mean business losses and extreme situations for students going to study abroad. That is why, for people who travel frequently, travel insurance is essential. Inbest is the Right Travel Insurance Broker in Kolkata.

InBest Travel Insurance Broking and Advisory in India distinguishes itself as a dependable and client-focused company with a commitment to convenience and a wide range of travel insurance for international and domestic trips. Inbest: Exploring Top Travel Insurance Providers in Kolkata.

What Does Travel Insurance Cover?

People often find it overwhelming when they travel abroad for the first time. Visiting a new country with limited knowledge about locations, baggage rules, and cultural and language barriers can all create challenges, which can lead to haphazard handling of things and ultimately the damage or loss of items. This is the kind of risk that even domestic travellers might face when visiting a new city. Although travel insurance is not mandatory in India, several countries mandate it to open their borders to foreigners. Moreover, travel insurance can also make visa approval easier. Inbest: Navigating Your Travels with the Best Travel Insurance Agency in Kolkata. Therefore, it is wise to obtain it when travelling, whether in your country or overseas. It covers all the following risks:

Loss of Items and Baggage:  

This includes the loss or damage of bags, documents, passports and other valuables.

Medical Emergency:  

The coverage pays the expense of medical treatment for certain travel-related illnesses, accidents, and health concerns, including healthcare, medication, hospitalisation, and other care requirements.

Flight Delay: 

Any unforeseen situations that result in a flight delay or miss, and certain financial damages for being stranded in a foreign country due to circumstances beyond your control, such as accommodation, transport and meals.

Flight Cancellations:  

If your travel plans or business plans are hampered by flight cancellations, adverse weather conditions, or strikes, travel insurance may reimburse you with compensation.


Financial coverage is aided to protect insurers in a foreign country or domestic city in the event of a natural or man-made disaster. This includes tickets to emergency flights and other expenses. Furthermore, if the insured dies while travelling, the insurance covers the repatriation of their mortal remains by flight.

Study Interruption:  

If your education is interrupted due to an unexpected event that hinders you from continuing your course, you can be financially compensated for your semester costs with travel insurance. Additional advantages include the sponsor's accidents, compassionate family visits, personal liability and related travel and medical coverage.

Personal Liability: 

Travel insurance can cover legal fees and reimbursement if you inadvertently injure or damage someone else's property while travelling. Inbest: Navigating Your Travels with the Best Travel Insurance Agency in Kolkata.

Visa Fee Reimbursement: 

The insured person can be eligible for reimbursement if a visa is denied despite no fault in the application or any professional negligence on the part of the visa provider.

What Can Travel Insurance Broking and Advisory Services from InBest Do For You?

The global COVID-19 pandemic has underlined the necessity of travel insurance as a measure for countries to safeguard visitors from unexpected health and medical expenditures. While travel insurance provides significant risk coverage and protection against unforeseen events that travellers may face, coverage may vary depending on the travel insurance company and the selected policy. Inbest: Exploring Top Travel Insurance Providers in Kolkata. Policy buyers must conduct a thorough review and research of the policy terms and conditions to ensure that they have the best travel insurance to keep them adequately protected, with absolute clarity about exclusions. To make things easier for policy buyers, we at InBest travel insurance broking company in Kolkata have designed practical solution bundles that include a variety of services and personalised assistance and are committed to meeting the different needs of travellers. Inbest is the Right Travel Insurance Broker in Kolkata. Here are some strong reasons to choose InBest:

Insurance Policy Comparison:  

We can help you compare coverage, perks, exclusions, and travel insurance costs across several travel insurance policies from various insurance providers. This will help you make informed selections as per your needs and budget.

Choosing the Right Type of Policy:  

Buyers also need to make sure they buy the proper type of travel insurance, ideal for the type of travel such as single-trip, multiple trips, family travel insurance, student and educational travel insurance, and group and corporate travel. Inbest is Your Ultimate Guide to the Leading Travel Insurance Company in Kolkata. Get the best offers when you use our broking services.

Advisory on Addon Coverage:  

Most ordinary cheap travel insurance policies won't support pre-existing medical conditions and certain holiday activities such as extreme adventure sports, or visiting high-risk prone zones. You may need to seek supplementary insurance to cover such needs. You may consult your needs with our experts.

Tailored Solutions: 

We are the best travel insurance brokers and consultants in Kolkata, and we work closely with travellers to tailor the entire insurance plan so that it provides all the necessary coverage and corresponds seamlessly to trip schedules.

Multi-Trip and Corporate Plans:  

Travel Insurance Broking and Consulting Services may also cater to regular travellers by providing multi-trip insurance plans that cover several travels within a specific time frame. They may also offer corporate travel insurance to companies and their workers.

Claims Assistance:  

If there are any travel-related emergencies or events during the trip, brokers and advisers will help you file a claim by offering assistance and support to guarantee a smooth and quick claims experience.

Foreign Travel Expertise: 

For those planning overseas journeys, brokerage and advice services may help them through the complexity of international travel insurance regulations, such as Schengen visa insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions - Travel Insurance

FAQ-travel insurance
Yes, there are some policies that offer to cover pre-existing medical conditions. However, this coverage may have specific conditions and limitations. We can surely help you review the policy details, exclusions, waiting periods, or requirements for medical documentation.
Yes, travel insurance policies may have specific exclusions and limitations. Common exclusions may include claims arising from pre-existing medical conditions not disclosed or covered in the policy, injuries caused by participating in extreme sports or hazardous activities, acts of war, and certain high-risk destinations.
While your regular health insurance may provide some coverage within your home country, it may not extend to international travel or offer other essential benefits like trip cancellation protection. Travel insurance is specifically designed to address the unique risks associated with travel, such as medical emergencies abroad, trip disruptions, and lost belongings. Therefore, having travel insurance is highly recommended to ensure you are adequately protected during your journey.
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