Uncertainty is an inherent aspect of life, pervading various facets of human existence.

In daily life, uncertainty can evoke a range of emotions, from anxiety and fear to excitement and curiosity. Ultimately, the acceptance of uncertainty is a key element in the human experience.

In contemporary times, investment advisors and insurance providers have understood the main objectives of these contingency and have decided to merge both Life (including Pension) and Health insurance to provide the best benefits to policyholders. Safeguard your Future with Premier Life Insurance Companies in Kolkata.

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Inbest is among one of the most trusted investment consultants and asset management companies based in Kolkata offering professional advice to everyone. Our tailored solutions are best suited to fulfil more than your needs and cater to your wants. We have extensive expertise as well as experience in the Financial market. Inbest is Your Trusted Life Insurance Brokers for Financial Security.


Our team of experts conducts research on all life and heath insurance products. We provide unparallel attention to every client providing end to end solutions and thereby saving your time, money and reducing your stress in finding the best product. We belief in creating awareness by providing well informed advice to the customers as Our founder, Dheeraj Baid always says “ Awareness free hai”.

Life Insurance - A Lifetime Gift For Your Family

Life is uncertain and you need to have a proper plan for unforeseen events. Life insurance ensures that the family of the insured is covered in case of his/her unfortunate demise. While the individual pays the insurance company premiums at regular intervals, the insurance company is liable to pay a certain sum of money after a stipulated period or when the insurer passes away. Inbest is Your Trusted Life Insurance Brokers for Financial Security. There is a wide range of life insurance policies available in the market. However, the needs of each individual are different at various stages of life.Safeguard your Future with Premier Life Insurance Companies in Kolkata. At Inbest, we advise and suggest solutions exclusively customised to address your specific needs. TYPES OF LIFE INSURANCE

Endowment Plan 

Coverage for both Death and Maturity benefit for a certain period of time.

Term Plan 

Only Death Cover with a cheaper premium rate for a certain period of time.

Whole Life Plan 

Coverage for your whole life.

Money Back Plan 

Periodic payments to the policy holders.

Children Plan 

Future provision for your Children’s future.

Pension Plan 

Provision of regular payments after your retirement.

Health Insurance – Happy & Healthier Life

With rising health care expenses, access to high quality medical equipment can drain your finance. The health insurance policy covers medical expenses and is designed to help people to manage the exorbitant costs related to healthcare. However, the policies vary in terms of cost, coverage and the specific services that are offered. We guide you and your family towards total coverage policies to meet your requirements and adhere to your budgetary parameters. When it comes to health insurance, people need a comprehensive plan that covers the entire family and all major and minor expenses. There are two types of claims - cashless and reimbursements. When you file a cashless claim, the insurance company directly settles the bills with the hospital and for the reimbursement claim, you pay upfront for the medical bills and then send an application for reimbursement. With Inbest by your side, you can now get expert insurance guidance for selecting the most appropriate health insurance policy.



FAQs on Life Insurance plans | Inbest

Anytime is the right time to buy an insurance policy. We advise generally, to get insured at a younger age as the rate of premium is significantly lesser. #better coverage at lower rate. Exploring Life Insurance in Kolkata for a Secure Future. Inbest is Your Path to Financial Security with a Trusted Life Insurance Company in Kolkata.

Providing incomplete or false details in the insurance application form, non payment of premium in time, any type of contingency not covered in the policy.

• Get customised coverage: Any insurance policies depend upon your age, health and income, which is why you can now customise your needs. Your personal plans can easily be tailored by adding coverage that suits your needs. • Get more coverage for less cost: You need to compare and choose suitable insurance plans to get significant coverage at a low premium price. Inbest has extensive knowledge and expertise to help and advise in such cases. • Handling insurance paperwork: Cumbersome paperwork can be handled effectively by us. We, handle the administrative responsibilities, streamline the process and ensure accuracy for all relevant paperwork. • Unmatched services: If you are looking for unbiased advice, then Inbest is the best choice. We guide and provide end-to-end support, especially during the time of claim. With strong networking and in-depth knowledge, we help customers solve the most complex claims easily. • Wide reach : No matter what you need from an insurance provider, the experts at Inbest are available online, offline, on-call, promising to help customer at every step. • Claims Management: Our dedicated team provides claims assistance and takes the entire responsibility from the date of claim intimation to the final settlement. Exploring Life Insurance in Kolkata for a Secure Future with Inbest. Inbest is Your Path to Financial Security with a Trusted Life Insurance Company in Kolkata.

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