Mutual fund

Mutual funds are a mechanism for pooling money from a member of an investor by issuing units to them and investing the pooled money in various stocks, shares, bonds, and other money market instruments in accordance with the objectives as disclosed in the offer document of the Fund.

The pooled money is invested in various securities like stocks, shares, bonds, and money market instruments of different sectors of different types of industries. The reason being that every Industry/Sector doesn't move in the same path together. This gives diversification to the investors meaning that if one Sector/Industry is not doing well for the time being, then t.. Read more


Insurance is a process that safeguards and secures people from loss and uncertainty. It may be described as a social device to eliminate or diminish the risk to life and property. It contributes to the general economic growth of the society by providing stability.

The various advantages of insurance are:

  • Provides safety and security
  • Generates financial resources
  • Encourages the habit of saving
  • Ensures support
  • Promotes economic growth

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Taxes are the largest source of income for the government in India. This money is deployed for various purposes and projects for development. Taxes are determined by the Central and State Governments along with local authorities like municipal corporations.

Types of taxes:

  • Direct taxes
  • Indirect taxes

Apart from the two traditional taxes, there are Other Taxes also which have been affected by the Central Government to serve specific agendas.

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  • Stick to SIP, it helps create investing discipline
  • Compounding interest is the 8th wonder of the world. He who understands it earns it & he who doesn’t, pays it.
  • Start Saving for your child’s future with various children plan from the time of their birth.
  • Create & maintain Emergency Fund
  • Asset allocation & Periodic rebalancing is crucial
  • Insurance is affected by inflation levels
  • Insurance policy is a collection of coverages — and each coverage has a limit
  • Claim Settlement Ratio can serve as a reliable metric to determine if a certain policy and insurer is the right choice for you or not
  • There are many common exclusions for which insurers do not provide coverage
  • Reputation of the company
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