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As exciting as buying a new car is, choosing the right car insurance plan can be quite the opposite. The Motor Vehicle Act of 1988 mandates third-party insurance in India for all public and private car owners. However, it is often the most cumbersome chore for busy people to sift through different auto insurance companies and their offers when they all look the same but can be so much different.

As a leading car insurance broker in Kolkata, we at InBest help you choose the best car insurance policy consciously and strategically. Our job is to direct you towards the best motor insurance policy offers and to keep you away from the allure of the cheap auto insurance trap, which is often a losing game.

All About Motor Insurances and Different Types of Motor Insurance Policies Available in India

Motor insurance policies in Kolkata

Private four-wheelers, private two-wheelers, and commercial vehicles are the three basic categories of automobile insurance. Essentially, insurance protects against damage, theft, third-party liability, and other hazards. Yet, various car insurance providers provide new perks, which broaden the alternatives. The following are some of the most common types of policies in India:

Comprehensive Car Insurance: 

Inbest is Your Trusted Car Insurance Agent Near Me for Personalized Coverage.This is a compilation of many vehicle insurance coverages. As a result, it provides the highest level of security. The coverage encompasses almost everything, including human injury, vehicle damage, and third-party liability, as well as environmental and other non-collision losses. There is still room to improve your insurance by adding extra riders.

Third-Party Liability Policy: 

This third-party insurance policy is a legislative obligation for all vehicle owners in India, both commercial and private, according to the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988. This insurance covers any financial responsibilities incurred by the insured individual when their car causes harm to a third party. It includes automobile damage, injuries, or if someone is killed.

Own-Damage Car Insurance:  

Starting September 2019, own-damage coverage is available as a standalone new car insurance policy and is not just a feature of comprehensive insurance. However, it may only be obtained in conjunction with third-party liability car insurance. Inbest is Your Ideal Car Insurance Agent Near Me.The policy could be ideal car insurance for new car owners, who already have a Third-Party Policy and realise the need for new vehicle insurance to protect their own car, as an affordable alternative to the more expensive comprehensive plan.

Different Types of Motor Insurance Add-Ons and Riders

Inbest- Your Comprehensive Car Insurance Broker Online. With so many new and dynamic policies offered by auto insurance companies, it can be an overly confusing journey to compare car insurance plans. The varying insured declared values (IDV) and the actual definition of “comprehensive” coverage according to the insurer. Coverage inclusions for man-made and natural disasters like fire, theft, riots, rain, storms, etc. Additional benefits can be added as riders or add-ons to policies to improve coverage and increase protection. Below are the most significant riders offered by the best car insurance companies:

Zero Depreciation Cover: 

Inbest- Your Comprehensive Car Insurance Broker Online. This is a good new vehicle insurance coverage that secures the maximum value of your car at the time of a claim settlement. As your new car gets older, the inevitable wear and tear will depreciate its value. At this point, when you claim insurance coverage, the claim settlement will deduct that depreciated value from the final claim amount. But if you have this rider, you can get more.

Consumables expenses: 

This will cover all the costs of replacing consumables after an accident, such as gearbox oil, air conditioner gas, lubricants, etc.

Personal Belongings Loss:  

This add-on to comprehensive automobile insurance coverage helps to cover the loss of a list of personal belongings.

Personal Laptop and Mobile Add-on Coverage: 

Getting this rider separately is necessary since Personal Belongings coverage does not cover them. This policy will only apply to mobile phones and computers; it will not apply to other computer components.

Daily Allowance Cover: 

When you choose this add-on, you will get a daily allowance from the insurance company if your automobile is lost or damaged.

GAP Value Add-on Protection:  

This add-on allows you to obtain the vehicle's full invoice price in the case of theft, total loss, or constructive total loss. It also includes Road Tax and first-time registration fees for an extra fee.

Motor Insurance Broking & Advisory Services Offered by InBest

Advertising and marketing messages by car insurance companies can be highly alluring. When it comes to reading between the lines of policies and carving out a realistic expectation, it could be challenged by what is marketed as full coverage car insurance and what the actual coverage turns out to be during the claims process. Inbest is your Trusted Motor Insurance Agents in Kolkata for Comprehensive Coverage. We at InBest take the onus to guide and support you in making a conscious decision.

Insurance Selection: 

We help both corporate and retail customers select the best motor insurance plans for private two-wheelers, private four-wheelers and commercial vehicles. Inbest is Your Trusted Auto Insurance Agent Near Me. We will recommend the best insurance plans based on your needs and budget. We do the research for you and simplify the selection process.

Comparing Prices & Benefits: 

It could be a mind-boggling affair trying to compare the overall price and benefit ratios for the shortlisted plans. We have the expertise to break down the process into a simple choice for you.


There is so much paperwork to do while getting new car insurance. You can rely on us to support you in carrying out all the paperwork and assist in situations related to upgraded documents, such as phone numbers not merging, address changes, etc.

Claims Assistance: 

If you are claiming for the first time, you can come to us, and we will assist you and call the insurer on your behalf. We will also assist you throughout the process, including submitting documentation and monitoring the loss assessments.

Risk Management Strategy: 

We advise you on the best strategies for lowering the risk of accidents or vehicle damage, which will improve your chances of getting maximum insurance coverage. Some factors, such as how you keep and maintain your car, the driver training programmes you attended, or installing safety measures for commercial vehicle clients, can sometimes increase the danger for your cars, and the insurance company can see it as an act of negligence and reduce the coverage. We assist you in identifying any factors that may impact your insurance and motivate you to take greater precautions.

Tailored Solutions: 

We offer personalised solutions to build the best coverage for our customers' personal and commercial vehicles, from selecting the most appropriate insurance package deals to combining the proper riders.

Frequently Asked Questions - Motor Insurance

FAQ - motor insurance
Yes. You are welcome to contact us at any point, even before you have purchased your car. We can guide you early on about the best motor insurance schemes, the best motor insurance companies, and appropriate riders. Inbest is your Trusted Motor Insurance Agents in kolkata for Comprehensive Coverage. We can also support you throughout the car and insurance-buying journey.
The key difference is our objective and priority. We don’t work for any particular insurance company. Inbest is Your Trusted Car Insurance Broker in Kolkata. We offer you unbiased guidance about which car insurance or bike insurance policy is best for you. You pay us. You are our client. We don't take any commission from any insurance company if you choose their policy. This is in complete contrast to what insurance agents do because they only represent the insurance provider that employs them and work towards selling you a product they would get a commission for. We work towards selling you a complete solution.
Yes, we often conduct periodic reviews of your insurance policy at your request and recommend adjustments to make it more relevant and up-to-date according to your changing needs. Inbest is Your Trusted Commercial Auto Insurance Broker in kolkata. We will also review any changes in your document's details and take measures to amend them, such as a change of residence, marital status, phone number, or tax and income information.
Yes. We are always looking for methods to save money on insurance, such as combining plans or taking advantage of discounts.
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