Your home is perhaps your biggest investment and most valuable asset. Home insurance is a type of financial protection for the house. It offers coverage for the building structure as well as valuable personal items against unforeseen losses or damage due to specific circumstances, including natural disasters, theft, burglary, or accidents. Home and Household Insurance is not only applicable to homeowners, but it also applies to tenants as it protects their belongings. Safeguard Your Home with Comprehensive home insurance in kolkata with Inbest.

When buying a home insurance policy, you must scrutinise coverage plans, inclusions, exclusions, location factors, policy terms, renewal rules, possibilities of shifting, and so much more. Hundreds of insurance buyers in Kolkata trust InBest, a home insurance brokerage company, to navigate the top insurance plans and find a complete solution for their needs. You can do this too.

About Home Insurance and Different Types of Policies

If your home is affected by a mishap such as a fire, hurricane, burglary, or other similar calamity, your home insurance company will reimburse you for your insured money. You may use the funds to rebuild and restore your home. The best home insurance plans also offer third-party liability coverage, which protects the policyholder in circumstances where they are liable for any damages or losses caused to a third-party individual, like a neighbour or passerby, or their property due to any mishap in their home. Secure Your Home with Comprehensive Home Insurance in kolkata with Inbest. The number of insurance companies is on the rise in India, which means tough competition. This has led to several variations in policy features, so it's critical to know about the different types of them.

Home Structure/Building Insurance:  

The coverage includes the exterior of the house, ceiling and roofing, sheds, garage, main gate, and all the permanent fixtures, including retrofits, pipelines, and utility lines. All the connections that complete the building or structure. While this property insurance policy covers against storms, fire, or any accident that causes damage to the property, it won’t cover furniture, electronics, or any other belongings inside the property.

Contents Cover: 

This coverage is often attached to the structure insurance, and can include all your furniture, TV, refrigerator, laptop, computers, property deeds, identity documents, jewellery, and many other valuables. When you lose your documents, you can use the coverage money to make new ones.

Bharat Griha Raksha Policy: 

From April 1, 2021, The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) has made it mandatory for every insurance company in the country to offer this policy at a standard rate. This is the only policy available for residences, corporate buildings, and public buildings. It covers the maximum number of allied perils, including fire, storm, flood, bushfire, landslide, and even riots and terrorism-related damages. This is a comprehensive cover that includes both the building structure and its contents.

Landlord’s Home Insurance: 

When renting out the property, the standard or comprehensive property insurance plan might not meet all the needs. This particular plan is specifically created to cover circumstances like public liability and rent loss.

Tenant Insurance: 

A growing number of people from rural areas and small towns are moving to India's metro cities in search of housing for work or education. Thus, the renter population grows. With tenant insurance in place, you can not only have coverage against fire, theft, electrical breakdowns, and even manmade riots and terrorism, but you can also get the expenses covered to seek alternate accommodation during the property recovery period, such as a hotel, paying guest, or even an alternate house on rent for a given period.

Home Insurance Riders For Added Protection

It is recommended to always choose comprehensive home insurance coverage. But what if you are looking to insure something specific? If you are a photographer or musician, you’d need to insure expensive electronics and equipment. Some people have heritage jewellery, artefacts, paintings, or heirloom furniture that are highly valuable possessions. Sometimes, intellectual property could be covered under household insurance, like manuscripts, business documents, or industrial designs. In a personalised approach, we provide unbiased assistance to create a one-of-a-kind property insurance policy. Get maximum-risk coverage that is expressly tailored to protect you financially if something happens to your property or the covered goods inside it. Are you Actively looking for a reliable home insurance broker near me to ensure Your property? Then Connect with Inbest to fulfill your wish.

Home Business Rider: 

As more individuals work from home, this plan simplifies to cover all business and job-related equipment, inventory, and liability. While standard house insurance plans sometimes have limitations on coverage for these assets, a home business rider is more beneficial for company owners as well as freelancers or salaried workers who operate from home. Inbest- Your Trusted Home Insurance Agents Near Me. 

Identity Theft Insurance: 

Sometimes burglary coverage does not extensively cover personal information theft, such as a bank account number or social security number, or when your credit card is not stolen but your PIN is. These are referred to as identity theft. This rider is intended to assist you in covering several expenditures linked to identity theft, including credit monitoring services, legal fees, wage reimbursement, credit repair, and more.

Dog/Cat/Pet Insurance: 

If your dog injures someone on your property, your home insurance policy most certainly includes liability coverage – but not all breeds are protected, and exotic animals and horses are also excluded. Obtaining this rider may recompense you for financial responsibilities incurred on behalf of your cherished animals.

Water and Sewage Backup Protection: 

Water damage from a clogged drain or sump pump is often not covered by a regular house policy. You'd need to purchase extra water or sewer backup coverage for your insurance for that. It contributes to the cost of repairing some forms of water damage.

Building Code Coverage: 

If your house is not up to current building regulations when it is damaged, you may be required to pay the shortfall out of pocket before receiving your regular property coverage payment for restoring your building structure. Integrating optional building code coverage ahead of time helps lower the initial expense at the time of a crisis. It will reimburse the additional costs associated with complying with local construction requirements and speed up the repair work following the claim settlement.

Home Insurance Broking and Advisory Services by InBest

You may have prior experience buying health insurance, life insurance, or car insurance on your own, but there can be circumstances when buying home insurance could be exceptionally complicated. The type of home you own impacts your coverage, whether it is an apartment or villa, your principal home, or a vacation house. Other than the type, the location also matters. If your home is in the territory of hurricanes or earthquakes, it impacts the coverage.  Inbest- Your Trusted Home Insurance Agents Near Me. To get an all-in-one solution for the perfect policy, simply consult with our experts. We serve you in all the following ways:

Insurance Policy Sourcing & Analysis: 

Review multiple insurance providers and their plans, comparing coverages, exclusions, limits, and a variety of add-ons. Instead of sifting through possibilities blindly, let us apply our simplified method and begin with the most relevant options. We can also help you create tailored insurance policies to meet your unique needs, with additional riders, pet liability coverage, and lots more.

Cost Planning: 

We help you plan a budget, including your home insurance and other policies you currently pay for. We will fetch the quotes and help you compare costs and coverage options. Give you a cohesive cost plan you can carry on with and never miss out on premiums.

Insurance Risk Assessment & Mitigation: 

Helping clients find suitable home insurance policies from various insurance providers. Evaluate the risks associated with your home to determine the appropriate level of coverage. Advising clients on strategies to reduce risks and potential insurance claims.

Claims Assistance: 

Assisting clients with the claims process, including filing claims, documenting losses, and negotiating settlements. Providing ongoing support and assistance for clients with insurance-related questions and concerns.

Coverage Reviews: 

We also conduct periodic reviews of clients' insurance policies at their request. This is to ensure that their policy remains adequate and up-to-date.

Home Appraisals: 

Arranging or recommending home appraisals to determine the accurate replacement cost of a property.

Policy Renewal Assistance: 

Assisting clients with policy renewals and exploring alternative coverage options when necessary.

Legal and Compliance Guidance: 

Ensuring that clients' insurance policies comply with local laws and regulations.

Emergency Response Planning: 

Helping clients create emergency plans for home-related incidents covered by their insurance policies.

Frequently Asked Questions - Home Insurance

Yes. Of course. You can consult with us about the best home insurance policies even before you buy your home. Inbest Is Your Expert Home Insurance Broker. We can resolve your complicated insurance needs if you are a landlord, building, or buying a second property.
We don’t represent any insurance company, at all. We are independent insurance brokers, and we offer you our unbiased and independent expert opinions and information about different policies by different home insurance companies in India. We are here to make sure that our clients, the policyholders, always get the appropriate property insurance. Inbest Is Your Expert Home Insurance Broker.
We certainly can. We serve a diverse clientele of Indian residents living abroad and have assisted them in insuring their residences back home with the necessary household insurance. We provide remote support to clients all around the world.
With a long-term house insurance policy, the policy applicant must select the insurance sum. Yet, this is sometimes a difficult option because the larger the sum, the greater the premium. But keep in mind that this is the expense of reconstruction in the case of damage. That can also happen 10-15 years later. Inflation, present conditions, and the type of damage can all influence the cost of reconstruction. We assist you in estimating the correct amount based on all of the details, and we also locate the best-priced plans with affordable premiums.
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