Health Insurance With Home Treatment Coverage: A Wise Investment

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in everyone realising the value of health insurance, among other things. The public’s perception of health insurance is evolving because everyone increasingly recognises how important it is to be ready for any medical scenario. In the event of a medical emergency, having a good health insurance policy will allow you to receive the greatest care and medical attention. It acts as a financial cushion that protects you against unexpected medical costs.

However, nobody likes to go to the hospital, especially if they can receive treatment for their illness at home. Instead of the strange and formal surroundings of a clinic, their house will undoubtedly seem more comfortable and soothing to them. Additionally, if your health is extremely fragile, there may be no option to transfer you to a hospital. The best course of action in these situations will be at-home care or in-home hospitalisation. And if your health insurance plan covers home treatment, you can easily reap the benefits of hospitalisation without worrying about the expenses.

As the pandemic spread throughout the world, the situation repeated in every Indian state and affected ever-larger portions of the country’s population. So, the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) urged insurance providers to cover home or domiciliary care as an add-on benefit.

What Is Home Treatment?

Home treatment, commonly referred to as domiciliary hospitalisation, is a scenario in which an insured individual receives medical care at home. This may be due to the patient’s co-morbid conditions and/or pre-existing illnesses, which prevent them from being transferred to a hospital, and the doctor may counsel home care instead. This type of treatment could also be suggested when there are not enough beds or resources.

Make sure that domiciliary treatment is covered by your senior citizen health insurance or regular health insurance before you claim any related costs. While some policies may provide home therapy as an add-on, some policies may already have coverage for it. Even though the extent of coverage varies from one insurer to another, the costs that are often covered include those for home visits and consultations with doctors as well as for medications, diagnostic tests, medical equipment, and nursing care.

Why Should You Get Health Insurance That Covers Home Treatment?

You should always choose a health insurance plan that covers in-home care for the reasons listed below:

  • The policyholder does not need to be hospitalised to receive the advantages of health insurance. While receiving care at home at their leisure, they may still submit a claim for insurance coverage.

  • Many insurance providers offer cashless home healthcare services, similar to cashless hospitalisation. Keep in mind that original receipts with a physician’s referral are necessary for cashless home care.

  • Home treatment is often less expensive than hospital care since it saves on expenses like lodging, meals, travel, and service taxes. Consequently, it benefits both the insurer and the insured.

So, it is always advisable to ensure that domiciliary treatment is included in your health insurance policy.

How to File a Health Insurance Claim for Home Treatment?

Home treatment may be covered by your health insurance, however, there are a few steps you should go through in order to reap these benefits. To begin with, you should inform your medical insurance company that your doctor has recommended home treatment. This should also demonstrate that although hospitalisation was essential in your case, home therapy would be a better fit for your medical requirements.

The right documentation or paperwork is essential when making a claim under your health insurance coverage. This is particularly true when it comes to in-home care. Consequently, you will have to present all of your documents, including those for your prescriptions, medical exams, CT scans, as well as the other diagnostic procedures that you may have had. Make sure you keep all of your receipts for these expenses so that you may easily obtain refunds. Since many health insurance plans may cover the purchase of medical equipment, be careful to get and retain all invoices.

Whether you speak with your preferred doctor over the phone, online, or in person, you must receive a current prescription from him/her. Remember that the word “Home Treatment” must appear on each and every prescription.


Nothing compares to home treatment if your medical practitioner suggests it. Receiving medical treatment from the convenience of your home allows you to remain with your family. Make sure your health insurance plan includes home health care, so you can make a claim for the costs. If it’s not included, you can purchase it as an add-on cover. Also, make sure to carefully examine the features of the coverage.

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