Going Out on a Vacation? Reasons Why You Need Travel Insurance

Visualise this scenario. You are out of the office, setting off on the most-awaited trip of the year. You are enjoying the weather and feeling fabulous when your luggage goes missing. The worst part is that you broke your leg in the middle of Florida or, let us say, missed your flight to Berlin. Instances like these are no less than nightmares. It is why travel insurance companies in Kolkata exist.

Today, let us explore the urgency that calls for travel insurance policies for travellers and how these can save your vacations from spoiling.

Insights into Travel Insurance

First things first, what does travel insurance signify? It is coverage for the financial losses experienced during travelling due to injuries, illnesses, transportation delays, accidents and other unforeseen circumstances. Usually, it costs around 4–10% of the trip expense, with the premiums decided based on age, coverage type, destination and more.

Mostly sold online, travel insurance policies are available with travel agents, insurance brokers, private insurance companies and travel insurance providers in Kolkata. When booking flights, accommodations and cars, it’s essential to have one in place and the reasons are enclosed for your understanding in the upcoming section.

What Makes Wandering Smarter and Safer with Travel Insurance?

We have already provided hints regarding how a beautiful journey could go wrong without travel insurance. Let us delve into those reasons, and you could save your holiday from spoiling.

  • Lost baggage, documents, or even a passport

It is one of the worst nightmares to come true. However, with a suitable policy from a reputable travel insurance company in Kolkata, you can expect a sum assured to compensate for the loss of your belongings. Cases of lost passports are dealt with with reimbursements for issuing new or duplicate passports. On the other hand, an insurance provider compensates the loss from missing belongings with an approved sum. A delay in the arrival of your baggage is compensated through reimbursements to cover the expenses during the waiting time.

  • Medical evacuation due to an emergency

Medical crises can break out at any moment. During such instances, you may have to bear the costs related to ground ambulances, friends and acquaintances flying to your bedside, medical escorts and transporting children back to their homes. It could cost you a fortune! With a travel insurance provider at your disposal, you can work in tandem with it to arrange for everything and let it bear the expenses on your behalf.

  • Encountered an accident or fell sick in a new place

Nobody wants to fall sick on vacation, but we hardly have control over it. While accepting your ill fate, you will at least breathe a sigh of relief knowing that travel insurance will save you financially. Whether you are admitted to a hospital, have a family member flown to you, or require urgent medical attention, have all your expenses covered by a provider. In simple words, with a travel insurance policy, you can expect cashless hospitalisation in a foreign land.

Did you know you are covered for dental treatments, too? In a new place, it could be intimidating and surprisingly expensive to consult a dentist. Nonetheless, with holiday insurance, you are covered.

  • Flight delay or cancellation

Blame it on a natural hazard, a personal issue, or your airline’s fault; all your money used up for booking a hotel or flight could go down the drain unless you have travel insurance to compensate for the losses. With the policy coverage, you will get a reimbursement for the travel tickets and unused hotel booking costs. When it’s a delayed flight, you can expect coverage for extra expenses incurred in staying at a hotel in the wee hours or ordering food.

  • Fraudulent charge

Many have been witnesses to travellers losing their debit or credit cards on vacation. People have lost a lot of money in the due course of unauthorised transactions. With travel insurance in place, you can expect a refund of the amount lost after reporting the incident to the appropriate authorities. In simple words, travel insurance policies are financial protections for payments made from stolen cards.

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